Matter is a collaboration between poetry, animation and sound design, that explores the relationship human beings have with light.

It began as an in-depth analysis of the relationship between love and darkness, based on the question; why aren’t the lights ever switched off here in London?

At the time I was newly out of a long-term relationship and desperately trying not to sever myself from love and connectivity. I found that the more I saw – both literally but also in terms of knowing things – the less I was able to trust. So I began to write: not only about love & heartbreak (smush!) but also about the science of light and perception, and where light comes from in the universe.

Matter begins in a rave at which the protagonist has arrived alone. Her thoughts take her to the time when she first witnessed the universe; when she met her first love and when it descended into chaos. The weaving of time takes the audience through multiple thoughts and experiences allowing her sense of enlightenment to build its momentum, as the writing style fluctuates between the poetic and the factual.

Combining life experience, myth, science and a sense of inter-cultural storytelling, Matter attempts to answer universal questions surrounding connectivity and darkness.

Though this isn’t intended to be an environmental campaign, I do hope to shine light (!) on the beauty and relief of darkness and reflect on the impact that light as a commodity has on both the natural world and our emotions.