Ever been in a rave and felt disorientated? In a physical representation of neural pathways of the brain, light serves as the electromagnetic signals sending you to various areas of the brain to explore the poetry and light of…

The mind as a rave

Big Bang – The nothing before the everything. Get drawn into a black hole created though the application of sound-proofed materials and structural design.


We Are Stars – A visual expedition into the wonders of the universe. Using Fulldome technology, see to feel the engulfing effect the entire universe has on a human being


Godcity – View the city with the omnipotence of the universe, as a pulsating organ of existence. Interact using your phone, discover the lives and story of the people that make our city home .


Lecture State – A centre-piece installation driven by light sensors. This interface reveals words from the narrative when light is shone onto it

Rational Thought